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The closest most of us come to nature is through watching the Discovery channel. Our modern lifestyles do not afford us much opportunity to touch the soil; when's the last time your bare feet actually touched the earth; beach....grass ? Our ancestors dug in the fields, slept on the ground, and never left the surface, as we do, in airplanes! We have been existing for millions, possibly billions of years in resonance with the earth, having nearly the same mindbodys as our ancestors 20,000 years ago- but unlike them, our feet (without shoes, sneaks, sandals..) rarely touch the soil.

On top of that, we are constantly bombarded by so much electronic energy in our environments from wireless computer networks, TV, and cell phones (just to name a few) that is safe to say impact us in a disruptive manner.

The alternating current remains in the walls of your dwelling when you go to sleep, regardless that all the lights are completely turned off; this creates a measurable field that ultimately may be responsible to the daytime fatigue you experience and other symptoms that leave you feeling literally drained. There are also microwaves, washers, dryers, the list goes on and on … that contribute to this field; not to mention your cell phone and other portable electronic devices that lie within an arm's reach while you sleep every night.

Walking barefoot, gardening, and making contact with soil are all great ways to begin “grounding" your mindbody.

Also vital, is adopting the practice of routinely unplugging from cell phones, computers, TV's, and any electronic devices you habitually use. Besides the electronic, seemingly quantum, subtle vibrations they emit (that could potentially be harmful/disruptive), there is another side which can be equally corrosive to the mind, psyche, intellect… and that is the advent of social media/internet.

In one regard, the internet has been a tremendous gift, allowing humanity to connect, globally. But when viewed through the analogy of the internet being an extension of the human nervous system, we see quickly that over-use can lead to serious mental and emotional stresses, manifesting into physical symptoms.

Therefore it is imperative, at least once a week (if not more) to completely shut down your phone, computer, and TV for an entire day; if that seems unimaginable, try 2 hours, then half the day...and gradually work your way up. Start becoming aware of ALL the electronic apparatuses, at least the ones in your home you have somewhat control over and begin reducing or eliminating what is not vital to your day to day life.


Unfortunately, in our Western Reductionist culture, the word meditation has gotten a bad wrap; almost as taboo as the phrase psychosomatic which when broken down literally translates to mind or soul and body....MindBody. Hearing the word MEDITATE usually invokes images of ascended yogis sitting around in long robes and beards, surrounded by a beating drum while chanting Om....

It can be that way, but doesn't have to be.

Meditating is really a journey to this place that resides within called the SELF. In order to get there we first have to transcend the body, or body consciousness. Once the body is totally and completely relaxed, we begin to transcend the mind and intellect by becoming the observer. This brings us to a place called the Self, or having the experience of Self-Referral, where our internal reference point is the Spirit.

Meditation is a portal to transcend.

It gives us the ability to transcend both time and space, and connect with quantum consciousness, the non-local field, or God if you prefer religious language. This field is both everywhere and nowhere.

It is a field of potential or potentiality, where possibilities exist before collapsing into actual events of experience in the manifest world. By some strange, and almost in-explainable force, meditation sets the stage for more and more synchronistic events to unfold. Less meaningful situations seem to fade away, and room is made for what before was chalked-up to "dumb-luck" or "purely coincidental," but can now be identified as otherwise.  

Through meditation, there is an opportunity for unconscious processing, relaxing.....the space to just "BE." 

Compared to our usual, hectic fast-paced lifestyle of constantly DOING.  

BEING, is equally important. In fact, that is where creative insights or A-ha moments are born; you can never get new ideas through conscious searching. New possibilities are always generated in the unconscious. If you stoke a new idea long enough, eventually a memory will be made and play in the unconscious when you are not collapsing thoughts (another way of saying "not" having thoughts). This is what we want.

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