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Memory is not just stored in the brain but at the cellular level, all throughout the body. In fact, it's stored in the cell membrane, in something called a receptor which can be visualized as a lily pad waxing and waning on top of the cell (the cell membrane) waiting to receive a signal from the second molecule of emotion called a peptide or neuropeptide.​

These two molecules, receptor and peptide make up our molecules of emotion; and it is this simultaneous binding of peptide to receptor that generates an electrical current, which is measurable and translates into a feeling.

It is the molecules of emotion which determine which thoughts will rise to consciousness or be suppressed below the level of awareness in the body, or subconscious mind (which can wreak havoc on the body in the form of everything from the common rash, to gastrointestinal upset, including knee, shoulder, neck and back pain!)

Through meditation, we allow the internal voice to quiet and there is an alteration of the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic pathways.

This no-thought or meditative state, is the breeding ground for long-buried thoughts and feelings to slowly make their way back to consciousness; giving the mindbody an opportunity to realign itself and become whole again.


Close your eyes, and when you open them see LOVE. You have just initiated a chemical cascade of events, which include the outpouring of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins , and oxytocin (just to name a few) binding to 50 trillion cells in your MindBody simultaneously.



Now close your eyes, and when you open them see FEAR. You have just initiated a very different chemical reaction bathing all 50 trillion cells creating a much different environment, one of "fight or flight."

The fate of our cells is determined not so much by our DNA (genes) but by the environment we live in and our perception of the environment, this is crucial to understand. We are a big, 50 trillion cell , skin-covered petri dish. If you (petri dish) are routinely breaking-down, getting 'sick' have a chronic pain syndrome, developed an autoimmune disease etc...98% of the time you don't need pills, injections, or surgery. You simply have to remove your self (petri dish) from that 'bad' environment and instantaneously your cells will respond by getting healthy.

This makes us MASTERS of our fate, instead of victims as the old way of defining our genetics (DNA) lead us to believe. Our genes are simply the blueprints for protein. You can remove the nucleus of a cell (which houses our DNA ) through a process called enucleation and the cell can live another 2 months and its behavior is not affected; the same does not hold true for the outer layer, or cell MEMBRANE.


It is imperative to understand the 2 minds that reside in ALL of us, the conscious and subconscious or unconscious mind.

By definition, the conscious mind is positive, creative and houses all our dreams, desires, wishes and aspirations. But, and this is a BIG but, it only operates at most, 5% of the day; and that is a generous number, more like 1-3%. That means 95% of our day, the subconscious mind is running the show! Then we have to understand how the subconscious works; the subconscious is like an old tape recorder, its a record, play-back device.

We learn how to do something, like walk as an infant, and that becomes an automatic program, we don't need to relearn how to walk everyday.

Also, for most, driving a car, getting dressed and even doing our jobs everyday--become automatic programs, therefore we are not conscious when doing them.

Really, the only time we are present, conscious...mindful is when we are engaged in what we love or are passionate about; which includes shopping, sex, listening to music, taking drugs, or exercising.

Unless you are one of the lucky few who have actually connected with your dharma or passion in life, and have discovered a way to better serve humanity, you have been 'forced' into a job/career you hate 40-80 hours a week, stopped taking care of your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being and share a bed each night with a significant other who you've come to resent and are left lingering in a toxic relationship for the sake of the child or children.

You can see how this creates dis-ease and disharmony in the system which can lead very quickly to arthritis, autoimmune disease, MS, and cancer (just to name a few).


Mindbody or psychosomatic disorders are part of human culture, therefore affecting us all. As long as you can generate emotions, are susceptible.

These are disorders that may appear to be purely physical, but have their origin in unconscious emotions; mostly sadness, anxiety, anger and rage. It is in the interaction of the unconscious and conscious minds that mindbody disorders originate; they can range from mildly bothersome back pain, to IBS/colitis, to fibromyalgia, all the way to cancer depending on the power and importance of unconscious emotional phenomena.

Generally, the more intense or threatening the unconscious emotions are, the more severe the psychosomatic reaction is likely to be.

This is not a CONSCIOUS decision. The process happens to distract attention from what is going on in the unconscious mind and focus it on a body symptom.

The brain, as a protective mechanism, decided (behind your back!) to initiate that cold, 'allergic' reaction, stomach upset, migraine headache, shoulder/neck/back pain, to divert your attention to that, and ONLY that.

These disorders, which can also include OCD, phobias, anxiety and depression (they all serve the same purpose) may be stemming from a fight you had with your boss 3 weeks ago, to a sibling rivalry growing up, or can date all the way back to your 3rd trimester in mom's belly, where programs were being downloaded, and by birth, 50% of your personality and behaviors had already been determined.

Meditation is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to allow suppressed feelings to percolate back up to consciousness, otherwise long-buried undigested, repressed emotions prevent the organism (us) from becoming whole and healing.

You may think because you 'blocked' it out OR you don't give it 'attention' anymore, it doesn't exist. To think that way is foolish, bordering on ignorant. Every memory we have ever had, belief, idea, perception, thought... has been stored in our cell membrane (receptors) since our 3rd trimester in utero.

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