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Adam Honowitz


Are you in growth or protection? You can not be in both at the same time. If your allergies are bothering you, stomach is upset, or that chronic pain in your knee, low-back, or neck is making life miserable; you are in protection. You have either consciously or unconsciously (conscious, but not aware- of, is a better definition) through your mind, gave meaning to a belief/perception; or possibly meaning to an otherwise neutral feeling (meantalization); signaling the brain to manufacture and distribute the stress hormones and inflammatory agents such as cytokines, cortisol, and norephinephrine, putting you in a state of Protection.

On the other hand, when we are experiencing positive thoughts, practicing forgiveness, or giving in- order to receive love, we have instructed the brain to secrete neurochemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin, and growth hormone; which biologically promotes an environment of Growth.

We are self-biologists, via sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuiting, we not only effect brain chemistry, but body chemistry. Each one of our organs, systems, and 50 trillion sentient beings (cells) is reacting at the rate of 6 trillion reactions per second, and each one is correlated and aware of the other.

There is a new world-view that science has given us. For more than the last 20 years, this new paradigm based on Quantum Physics makes it compulsory, that consciousness is the basis of all Being, and therefore the world is made of consciousnesses not matter.

The matter-based world view we have now is good for machines (computers) but everyone knows, including the toughest materialist that human beings have other experiences apart from the material; we have internal experiences; feelings, thinking, and intuition, apart from sensing.

Sigmund Freud's understudy Carl Jung figured this out from his data long ago, that human beings have 4 personality traits, therefor 4 experiences that dominate our Being. A science based on Quantum Physics legitimizes and allows us to bring consciousness into medicine, and our internal, subtle experiences become very potent and play a crucial role in healing.

Today, the material machine medicine practiced is chemistry based; almost anything that goes wrong with you can be fixed by chemical or physical attention to the body. But in actuality we know this is not the case. Material based medicine (allopathy) has many shortcomings, the big one being expense, it is not cost-effective, and for chronic and degenerative diseases allopathy is ineffective.

The problem with physical medicine is that by treating and just paying attention to the symptoms--they (scientific materialists, Medical Deities) miss the real cause of the discomfort. We have other bodies than just the physical and these subtle bodies are connected to the physical through consciousness. This connection is called nonlocal connection and our 2 entities, the physical and vital bodies are correlated, it's consciousness that denotes this mediation. So when we have a symptom there is something wrong at the physical no doubt but that wrongness may be caused by a separation between the vital and physical--they are no longer relating to one another or correlated.

We can certainly fix the physical but it turns out the vital is much easier to correct because of its subtle, quantum nature, it responds very well to creativity.

Not only do we have a bio-chemical body but also a bio-physical body at the skin that relates very well to our emotions. So when you are emotion in a negative way, this bio-physical body picks it up and those changes can be measured; so by measuring the bio-physical we can measure your emotional state and see where things have gone awry in the physical, at which organ.

It's our vital body which provides the blueprints for biological form (morphogenesis) in a field residing outside space and time. Remember, genes are just the blueprint for protein making, we are not born with “special-talent” genes that enable us to compose music at 3 years old like Mozart, or fall victim to heart disease, breast cancer or high-blood pressure because we were born with some errant gene for such.

How does a toe cell know it's different from a liver cell, the programs for form-making do not reside in the genes (DNA) themselves but rather in a nonphysical, nonlocal field outside of time and space ( morphogenetic field). Our vital body which ‘feels' gives us universal quantum possibilities and furnishes the experience of 'feelings' which is the movement of vital energy.... the movement of vital fields, that helps us make biological form.

Consciousness is the ground of all BEING, not matter. Mind and matter are quantum possibilities from which consciousness can choose from. Besides our physical, gross body, which gives the experience of sensing, we have subtle bodies; which give the experience of feeling, thinking, and intuiting. All together we have 5 bodies of consciousness; physical, vital, mental, supramental (intellect) and Bliss or Limitless body.

We have 2 modes of identity; our traditional ego-identity which operates traditionally inside of time and space, is deterministic, linear, and our quantum-self which transcends both time and space in a nonlocal field of potential where everything is inseparably connected with everything else. Yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices enable us to go beyond our ego-encapsulated identity, and shift into this quantum-self, or God-mode.

There is a lot of misconception that on our spiritual journey from separateness to wholeness we must surrender or give up the ego; no... without the ego there would be no creativity, so long as the question, "who would I be" remains important, how can we give up the ego? We can't. But, we can take a discontinuous quantum leap to the supramental where the archetypes of beauty, love, truth, goodness, and justice reside; along with values, morals, and ethics.... Creativity is a tall order, it requires a lot of hard work and effort, but is well worth the price. Once we realize the real "work" is done on the inside (quantum-self) and not the outside (ego) the healing process can begin, which is ALWAYS creative in nature.


Allow Adam to teach and guide you through this journey. Adam has dedicated the last 23 years to expanding his self-knowledge in a way that best serves the lay community in understanding how the mind and body function as one and how consciousness creates reality, mind turns into matter, or another way of saying emotions and physiology are inseparable and emotions always come first.

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